Why seaplane landing in the sea

When people walk through the beach, perhaps you can see this scene, one with "wings" of the ship quickly cut through the sea, the sky, and straight on the blue sky.Long after it Youxiang flying off, and the hull (the body) on both sides of many white spray splashes quite safely landed in the sea.This is strange seaplane.Seaplane can be adapted to water, air, causes the two different environments, and its special design inseparable.If it is the boat, but it also has like an airplane fuselage, wings, tail, propeller and landing gear;If it is a plane, but it is the blade-shaped body and a large ship.This unique feature makes it a true "all-round player."

When the seaplane parked on the water, the buoyancy generated by large ship, the aircraft will float and not sink.But may need to take off, pull the engine propeller, it will drag it pretty fast on the water roll.With increasing speed, slowly lift generated by wing aircraft to overcome gravity, so the aircraft prop up gradually from the surface of the water into the ship in the air.The air in it to complete the task, they naturally have to return to the surface, making a roll of the ship in the water.Therefore, many foreign person under seaplane this feature, again it is called water craft or aircraft cruiser.

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