Seaplane on the water is able to take off, landing and parking of aircraft, referred to as the water machine, some of which also can take off and land in the land the airport, called the amphibious aircraft.Type pontoon boat and seaplane is divided into two.Seaplane is mainly used for maritime patrol, anti-submarine, rescue and sports.

Seaplane into the hull type (ie by water taxi to design a special shape of the body) or float-type (to land a seaplane Pictures (20) on the plane's landing gear replaced by buoys) two.Amphibious aircraft, boat or float coat in the retractable landing gear, landing in the water when closed, in the land down when taking off and landing.When the seaplane parked on the water, the buoyancy generated by large ship, the aircraft will float and not sink.But may need to take off, pull the engine propeller, it will drag it pretty fast on the water roll.