General aviation regulation system

The current general aviation has initially established a set of rules and regulations system, including laws, administrative regulations, civil aviation regulations, operating standards and so on.

1, the law.

"PRC Law on Civil Aviation" is the fundamental general aviation activities, the legal basis on March 1, 1996 into effect.Civil Aviation Act set a general aviation definition general aviation activities, classification, and the conditions in the general aviation activities, and clear requirements to ensure flight safety, to protect users, by the third party, and engaged in general aviation activities of the units and the individual's legitimate rights and interests.

2, administrative regulations, administrative rules and general aviation including 2.

First, "the State Council on the Provisional Regulations on Management of General Aviation" (Guo Fa 〔1986〕 2), in the January 8, 1986 issued by the State Council.The second is "General Aviation Flight Control Ordinance" (the State Council and Central Military Commission Order No. 371), January 10, 2003 by the State Council and Central Military Commission released May 1, 2003 shall come into force.

3, the civil aviation regulations as of April 2007, the Civil Aviation Administration has issued regulations related to general aviation's total of 37 civil aviation, including financial management, safe operation, aircraft airworthiness, airport construction and use, air traffic control and so on.

4, the operating standards in order to ensure the quality of general aviation operations, guide and regulate the operation of general aviation enterprises to develop projects, since 1986, China has issued a general aviation national and industry standards, a total of 16.National standards for seven of them, the Civil Aviation industry standard 9.

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