Aviation Industry Policy

My Government has recently introduced a series of regulations and policies to encourage and support general aviation industry.


May 2008, general aviation in the rescue work has played a huge role in the development of general aviation has become a hot word, a trend.

February 2009, the Civil Aviation Policy and Regulation Department in 2009 proposed a "reform and development in general aviation."

July 2009, the CAA proposed "to speed up the views of the development of general aviation."

August 2009, Xi'an National Aviation Industrial Base approved "general aviation industry, CAAC pilot zone."

October 2009, the 2009 China International General Aviation Convention held at the air base, which greatly promoted the development of general aviation industry, showcases the strength and image of general aviation, universal coverage and promotion.

October 2009, the Secretary Eric CAAC Navigation Conference: "A general common we all use", the former Governor of Shaanxi Province, Yuan Chunqing say: "Let us work together to meet the flight times."

October 2009, the Committee held in low-altitude air traffic control airspace management reform conference, the industry was that "a landmark."

Participants said the conference made it clear to "timely and orderly opening up low-flying area", and intends to 2015 across the country to gradually open up, the 2020 low of management regulations and all perfect.

January 2010, the CAA issued "on measures to accelerate the development of general aviation"

February 2010, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration formally approved the country's first commuter airline pilot - Alxa commuter airport construction and operation management.

April 2010, the CAA has developed to accelerate the development of the views of general aviation.

July 2010, Xi'an National Aviation Industrial Base was established general aviation training company, opened a precedent for general aviation training.

August 2010, experts of the Ministry of Commerce China General Aviation Convention 2009, a comprehensive assessment of efforts to promote the exhibition platform for construction of navigation and aviation cultural transmission business.

August 2010, to continue to promote the reform of the civil airport charges and improve the general aviation operating environment, support and accelerate the development of general aviation, the CAA issued the "general aviation civil airport charges."

October 2010 China's first private general aviation airport, a professional management company - National Aviation Base in Xi'an shipping management company was established.

October 2010 and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Shaanxi provincial government has signed an agreement on civil aviation to promote the development of the minutes of Shaanxi, Shanxi special reference to the development of general aviation industry and promote the National Aviation Industrial Base of Xi'an general aviation industry, pilot issues.

November 2010 the State Council and Central Military Commission issued the "low-altitude airspace management on deepening reform of China's views," began to break the ice airspace, general aviation development will pull into the spring.

December 2010 issued by the State Air Administration Committee on the implementation of the "State Council and Central Military Commission on deepening the reform of the views of low-altitude airspace management" measures.

January 2011, Secretary Eric CAAC own handwriting: "strong civil aviation general aviation."

January 2011, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority and the China International Trade Promotion Committee jointly signed documents, long held in China General Aviation Convention.

And so on.

Civil aircraft parts, space technology applications, aerospace industry, in part, the current national industrial policy to encourage the development of the industry, products and technologies catalog.The project's engineering technology programs, product programs to meet the industrial policies, laws and regulations, the products are partners from Canada, the introduction of advanced models, the products in the country of a certain industry leader.Technology and equipment in line with national policies to increase the capacity of independent innovation policies.

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