Hainan Yu Xiang Light Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. Hang honest industry profile

Hainan Yu Xiang Light Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a honest and based in Hainan, is committed to high-tech industries, high-end tourism and real estate investment and development and management of diversified businesses.

Currently, the legal representative of the company is Mr. Wu Hao, chairman of the board alone with Mr. Branch, the main business involving light aircraft manufacturing, tourism development and comprehensive services, real estate and other industrial chain, more than 10 billion yuan of net assets.From its inception in 1992, Hang Shing company has been adhering to the "realistic and innovative, people-oriented, customer success, return to shareholders" business philosophy, is moving in high-tech, high growth, high performance and outstanding enterprises to forge ahead.

 Yu Xiang , chairman of the company to implement the general manager responsibility system under the leadership and decision-making committee with technical experts (with more than entitled to special allowance level) and management advisory committee (with more than a highly educated professional Shi Zhanpai manager), operating in a flat layer of practice management, schema management center with the headquarters, by a number of functional departments, Hainan Development Co., Ltd. Hang Fingers honest industry branches and subsidiaries in Hainan Yuxiang light aircraft manufacturer of the composition.Company's core management team unity, cooperation, innovation, a bachelor degree or above accounted for 80% or more, to fully protect the company's sustainable development, sustainable development.

State Council "to promote international tourism in Hainan Island, on the construction and development of a number of opinions" have pointed out in Hainan to "foster the development of cars, boats, light seaplane, submarine equipment, golf equipment and other tourist equipment manufacturing industry", Heng Cheng companies take this opportunity to Wanning City, Hainan, relying on high-quality natural environment, especially the rich coastal tourism resources, expand water light aircraft manufacturing and related industries, which will fill in Hainan in the water gaps in the field of light aircraft, to enrich the range of products and tourism in Hainan structure, integrated the overall quality of tourism in Hainan has played a pivotal role.

Water light aircraft manufacturer will create a park-style tourist area open, including the main aircraft manufacturing plant, workshops, hangars, runways, sightseeing tower, air exhibition hall, etc.Marine park, including a seaplane tour of the main members of the club, members of small and medium sized yacht clubs, pilot training centers, hangars, water light aircraft terminals, small marina, water tourism, luxury hotel club business district and other related facilities.It is a beautiful landscape of Hainan is a beautiful bright beautiful picture.

After nearly 20 years of vigorous development, and then every international tourism to the development of Hainan opportunity, Hang Cheng, Hainan leaders at all levels in the care and support, relying on "special Bo both" staff, excellent management philosophy, the leading management level and a complete operating system, in the "high-performance, increase security, create a precedent" under the guidance of the strategic objectives, keeping forging ahead, for innovation, and the times, and strive to become based on Hainan, known throughout the country's leading companies.